With Sameday Health, Some States are Offering Virtual Urgent Care

More people are starting to go to urgent care when they have a health problem, instead of calling their primary care provider. Why? Because they know they can be seen quickly and efficiently, to get a diagnosis and get on with their day. If they call their doctor, they may wait days or weeks for an appointment, only to spend hours sitting in a waiting room. Fortunately, there are better options in the majority of cases.

Virtual Urgent Care and House Calls Make a Great Combination

Sameday Health, a company founded during the pandemic, provides healthcare across the nation. It’s adding to the patient experience by setting up some locations that offer virtual urgent care. The company also has house calls in selected locations and for particular medical conditions. That can mean someone can get a COVID test, and IV drip, or wellness injections without leaving home. Same-day urgent care is important for better health, and clients want a diagnosis quickly.

Improve Healthcare Support With Reduced Anxiety

A lot of people struggle with medical anxiety. That could make it harder for them to go to their doctor and sit in the waiting room. But when they’re seen virtually they get immediate care and personalized service they don’t need to leave home for. That’s an excellent way for patients and doctors to connect, so the patient can get the right help. Sameday also offers Cold + Flu, and Travel services.

The Cold + Flu service is designed to help clients feel better fast, by giving them treatments and information that improve their condition as quickly as possible. With the Travel option, clients learn about the medications they should take with them, COVID precautions for the area they’re visiting, and how they can avoid many of the more common travel-related illnesses.

Virtual Care Focused on Creating Benefits

There are some significant benefits to getting virtual urgent care through Sameday Health. One of the most important is the unlimited access clients have to medical providers. That level of support is very important. It’s also easy to handle things through video calls because these calls can be conducted almost anywhere. Especially for people in rural areas, and those who can’t leave their homes easily, this benefit can make a big difference.

Convenience matters, even in healthcare, and Sameday makes getting diagnosed with illnesses such as the flu or a cold easy to do. When clients don’t leave their own homes, they don’t risk making others sick. For anyone who can’t easily leave their home, doesn’t have a car, or is worried about making others ill, in-person medical care isn’t as easily accessible.

Getting Care is Easier Through Sameday Health

The website and app for Sameday are both available to make connecting with a medical provider easier than ever before. Booking an appointment only takes a couple of clicks and some basic information. Then there’s a virtual waiting room via the Zoom platform, and most appointments take around 20 minutes to complete. Need a prescription? It can be sent to your pharmacy of choice, or even delivered to your door. Sameday is working hard to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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